Navigator? What for?

The andro RASANT rubber-series provides a fitting model for almost every player.

But how do you choose the right RASANT?

1) Your strokes

A rubber is always just as good as the stroke you are hitting. The swing is crucial for the quality of your stroke. Players with a low to medium level usually have a swing with a low acceleration compared to a high-class player. That is why they need a rubber which leads the ball and generates a lot of energy during the long contact. Therefore a rubber with a soft sponge fits a lot better than a hard rubber, which has less intrinsic energy and eventually being counterproductive in regard to the quality of the stroke when playing slow swings.

However the high-class offensive player who usually has a fast swing, needs a rubber that generates maximum energy during the contact, while the ball hits the rubber. Therefore a rubber with a hard sponge would be suitable. But just the speed of the swing activates the rubber and sets the power-limit of your top spin.

2) Your game

Your game is focused on strokes with a lot of spin?

Or do you prefer hard and direct smashes and you need hardness and speed?

Or do you like safe blocks and your focus is control?

Now you have to decide, which RASANT fits perfectly to your game.

Choose the factors of the RASANT Navigator that are essential for your game.

Compare which RASANT-rubbers show the best result in the categories that are most important for you and you are one step closer to that type of RASANT rubber that suits you in an optimal way!